Welcome…Welcome…Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my Video Blog!! My name is Mike “The Professor” Nelson (laugh if you want LOL)…I’m just an average guy originally from Philadelphia, PA now residing in Richmond, VA. Over the past two years my partner (Darrin Smith) and I have been able to successfully “Wholesale” on average 5-10 properties a month collectively without using any of our MONEY and utilizing simple NO MONEY DOWN techniques.


Did I mention that we do this on a PART TIME basis? CRAZY RIGHT!?!?!? Well not so much, see when we first started out in 2010 we both had full time jobs and wasn’t able to focus on the business like we wanted to. So, that’s when I came up with this crazy idea of hiring overseas workers to run our business for us. The rest is history, in this blog I will teach you guys these real estate investing techniques and walk you through deals so that you too will be able to become successful in what some people like to call “The Best Real Estate Market Ever”.

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  1. Steven Torres says:

    you da boss! where can i get that yellow letter?

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