You won’t believe what this underwriter has to say about banks!

Yup! Find out what this guy “Jimmy” has to say about banks. Most Real Estate Wholesalers are told that they don’t need banks in order to flip properties but watch this video to see exactly how it make help to have this hefty resource in your pocket.

If you would like to get more info on Jimmy, you can check out his blog over at: Real Estate Financial HQ

Why Homeowners Want To Call The FBI On Me…

I’m not on the FBI’s most wanted list so you don’t have to worry about anything but this cool little trick that I’ve been implementing in my business is so “OFF THE WALL” that I’ve had homeowners practically wetting their pants in fear and calling the local authorities.

The good thing about it is, once they find out that it’s just me, they sell me their homes instead of turning me in.

Want to learn what I’m doing? Watch this Video!

Meet The 11YR Old Real Estate Investor!

It’s not often that I can say that an 11yr old has made my jaw drop to the ground but this kid has managed to do just that. Find out how in under two months he’s been able to get two properties under contract and also coach his father on how to get involved as well.

Apples & Evaluating A Properties Worth!

Estimating the After Repair Value of a property can be very intimidating for some new investors. But I have a quick tip that will have you hitting home runs every time with this special formula.

Are You Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None? This Probably What You Are Missing The Most…

This is the same with all of us at some point. Watch this blog that I created as I talk about how most beginners either remain as beginners and some even end before even getting started at Flipping Houses. Learn how you can avoid the same for yourself and achieve financial freedom through Real Estate [...] Read more »

“STOP” Learning…

how to flip houses

As infants, we’re presented with a strange new world to discover. And with nothing else to do, we dive in headfirst, devoting all our time to learning how to use our five senses. At first we appear completely hopeless, not even realizing that our arms and legs are parts of our body. But soon enough, [...] Read more »

What’s your “TIME” worth?


If you’re like many Entrepreneurs or even aspiring Entrepreneurs, chances are the idea of having everything under control eludes you. Or, you don’t know where to start because you have 101 things to do during the day. After losing my mind and almost letting my business slowly slip away. I realized that I need to [...] Read more »